Variety Store Sanrinsha

One minute west of Starbucks in Marugamemachi shopping district, Sanrinsha, on the 1st floor of Kajiyamachi Building, sells a various products such as sunglasses, vases, and aprons made in several coutries including Japan.

You can shop at the store or online.

サンリンシャ-商品1[peti peto [crane] eyeglass cleaner]    Made in Japan
Designed in the image of origami cranes, this item returns to its original shape when tossed in the air. A useful choice as a cleaner for your glasses and mobile phone screen.

[Mt. Case(S) SHIBA pen case]    Made in Japan

A fabric pencil case designed by woman originally from Kagawa and the owner of “grass pool” in Kyoto. These unique triangular shapes came from the designer’s idea of “ What if the mountain had a zipper on the top? ”. There is enough space for all of your stationary goods and since it have plenty of space inside, they can be used as a glasses case or makeup bag.

The shop owner can speak English, and will be happy to help you with directions, suggestions, and other kinds of assistance.
Sanrinsha offers great options for Japanese souveniers for your family and friends.


10-minute walk from Kotoden Kataharamachi station
14-minute walk from  JR Takamatsu station