Ultra bakeshop & coffee- Serving natural yeast bread and rich fragrant coffee

“Ultra Bakeshop & Coffee”, open since March 2016, serves mainly natural yeast bread and coffee. Their first store is located in Busshouzan, but their desire to bring more life to Takamatsu’s shopping district and support the lives of everyone here brought them to open a second store in Tokiwa-chou.

Bread and baked goods made from carefully selected ingredients.

The scent of freshly baked bread and mouth-watering confectionery is sure to entice you the moment you step in.

-P1010996 拷貝The bright white walls bring the space a modern look. You can also have lunch in the dining area in the back.

About 20 kinds of bread and 10 types of baked goods are served here. Most of their baked products are dairy-free, so any customers with this allergy will be able to enjoy what they serve without worries.

They are rather particular about the ingredients they use, such as fruit used for the bake goods, choosing the domestic flour brand  “Haruyo Koi”. The bean paste for the anpan (sweet bean paste bread) is homemade. The smoked bacon served on the lunch menu takes about 1 week to smoke. A mix of their original spices and herbs are used for the curry inside of their curry bread.

Plenty of fruits are used for their fruit granola and is one of the shop owner’s top recommendations.  Granola is easily digested and perfect for breakfast.

IMG_2485 (2)
Their new product is a gift box of their assorted popular cookies.

IMG_2493The gift box is available in two sets: 6 kinds of cookies for 1500 yen or 8 kinds for 3000 yen.Both sets contain Green tea cookies, making it a great souvenir from Japan for your family and friends.

Healthy lunch with plenty of veggies.

Plate lunches are served from 11:00 to 19:00. And about 20 vegetables are used in each lunch set.You can choose 2 pieces of bread from the 5 kinds available, such as cheese, sesame seeds and walnut.
With the regular bread and soup lunch plate, Ultra has introduced a new Focaccia bread plate lunch set from May (880 yen / drink +220 yen).

Among the three types of Focaccia plate lunch sets, the vegetable focaccia is one of the shop owner’s top recommendations.

Plenty of delectable vegetables and cheese are used in the sandwich, and it’s served with a green salad and Yogurt Granola. This meal is a big recommendation for Vegetarians and health-conscious people.

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After lunch, you can have coffee or Darjeeling tea. The coffee is drip brewed and carefully extracted drop by drop. Why not enjoy a cup of rich, fragrant and tasty coffee after your meal!


Ultra bakeshop & coffee

4 minutes walk from Kotoden Kawaramachi station
22 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu station