Machi no schule 963 – Enjoy local food in central Takamatsu

If you’re ever in the bustling shopping arcade in the midst of Takamatsu and feel like taking a break from all the noise and hecticness we suggest “Machi no schule 963”.

Laid-back space hidden from the busy shopping street

Here is just a few steps up between some buildings and is sure to provide a relaxing time. You will be surprised about the location as well. 町1
You wouldn’t believe that there’s such a green and peaceful place just a few seconds away from the shopping street.

Enriching taste with local ingredients

Inside the building you can find a shop, a gallery, as well as a café where you can discover delicious food made with ingredients from Kagawa, handcrafts and a huge variety of products.
Come here to enjoy amazing Japanese food and pay attention to the little details, like the tableware and the furniture, since it’s those that make here such a great place to visit.

Great lunch made with best quality ingredients

From Friday to Sunday you can experience the food not only at noon but also during dinner time.Choosing from a variety of main dishes you can get a complete set with soup, salad and drink (alcohol included).食材
Lunch Set 1,300 yen (Dessert: +250 yen)
Additionally to the great taste and quality of the food you can buy some of the same local ingredients in the shop that belongs to the cafe.
Vegetables, meat or seafood from the Seto Inland sea make as a great souvenir for friends or yourself.

Here you can see one of the staff, Mr.Suzue. He likes surfing and when we’re talking to him he told us many interesting stories about all kinds of things in life.
The staff as a whole hopes that “Machi no Schule 963“ is a relaxing place for locals and tourists likewise and that the food and drinks they offer fits your taste!If you’re close to the shopping arcade and want to taste Japanese food with local ingredients you should not forget to come “Machi no schule 963”. Please come and enjoy a wonderful meal, and pass a relaxing and peaceful time in here.



10 minutes walk from Kotoden Chikko station
15 minutes walk from JR Takamatsu station

  • ADDRESS:香川県高松市丸亀町13-3 高松丸亀町参番街東館2F
  • TEL:+81-87-800-7888
  • OPEN HOURS:Mon~Thu 11:30 – 18:00(L.O 17:30),<Fri〜Sun> 11:30 – 22:00(L.O 21:00)
    (products sale 11:00~19:30)
  • WEB:
  • Wi-Fi: Available
  • Credit Cards:N/A