Koinobori in Shikokumura April 23rd – May 8th

 ➡ For more information about  Shikoku Mura(四国村)
Shikoku mura exhibits over 30 buildings,farmhouses,and structures.
After you cross an Iya Valley vine bridge, you will see Noson Kabuki theater and “Koinobori” (carp streamers) flying on your head.They are displayed to celebrate “Tango no sekku” (also known as Boy’s day) from April through early May.

IMG_2274People set up Kabuto(The Japanese traditional helmet) and Kintaro doll in the room as symbols of strength and health.

You can see Takenoko(bamboo shoot) in season between early spring to summer in Shikoku Mura.Takenoko is used in many Japanese dishes.I recommend to taste takenoko cuisine in Japan.

Visit Shikoku Mura, if  you have a chance.It’s a way of getting to know Japanese culture and tradition.


Shikoku-Mura / 四国村

5 minutes walk from Kotoden Yashima station(shido line)
10 minutes walk from JR Yashima station(Takatoku line)