HK Express Hong Kong-Takamatsu

HKExpress(Hong Kong Express) will offer a new international flight to Takamatsu(Shikoku) starting July 6.It will be the 4th international flight to Takamatsu airport,that can make your Kagawa travel so much easier.
HK Express is Hong Kong’s first carrier.The airline was incorporated in November 2004,and transformed into a low cost carrier in 2013.
HK Express will have 3 flights per week(Tuesday,Wednesday,Sunday) .Airbus A320 can carry 174 or 180passengers.One way is from 7,300yen, and roundtrip flight is from 13,700yen.

HK Express Flight Timetables

Hong Kong-Takamatsu:15:15-20:05
Takamatsu-Hong Kong:20:55-23:35
Hong Kong-Takamatsu:07:55-12:45
Takamatsu-Hong Kong:13:30-16:10
Hong Kong-Takamatsu:15:25-20:15
Takamatsu-Hong Kong:21:00-23:40

※For prior notice,arrival and departure times are local times.
(Time defference between Hong Kong and Takamatsu-1 hour)

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